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Guaranteed satisfaction with Freedom Insect Screens

About This Project

Customers choosing Oryx as their bespoke door and window specialist, benefit from a comprehensive range of products that work together to deliver complete lifestyle solutions that. Just like our client John found, when we were able to install Freedom Retractable Insect Screens alongside the Origin folding sliding doors we’d installed previously in his villa.

Since the doors were installed, John and his family have frequently enjoyed the feeling of dining outside, while being able to stay indoors. But around certain months of the year, flies and mosquitos were proving troublesome and so he opted to also install insect screens, which the Oryx team did in just a matter of hours.

The client was very happy with the screens, which are robust, yet inconspicuous, as they are installed in-line with the doors to maintain the low threshold along the floor. 

Once again, John can keep the sliding doors open all the time to enjoy the fresh air and great weather. And as well as guaranteeing the insects stay outside; the screens also come with a five-year quality guarantee.


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