Pirnar Doors | Oryx Doors in Dubai
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Pirnar Doors

Owning a Pirnar Luxury Entrance Door


Because you appreciate perfection.


Pirnar luxury exterior doors are handmade, perfectly shaped and flawlessly constructed. Touch it; you will feel the carefully selected high-quality materials, the precision workmanship and the experience of old artisan masters, in every detail.

Pirnar raises the value of your house.


First impressions count, and a Pirnar luxury door helps you to create the most stunning entrance.

Doors for lovers of convenience and comfort.


Comfort means you can forget about the annoying search for house keys. You ensure the safety of your home with a single touch of your finger. Comfort means a cool home even in the hottest summers. Comfort is also friendly and discreet lighting at the entrance, just where you need it most.

Choose your Pirnar Door today, available exclusively through Oryx Doors!